How To Do Floor Bridge Correctly For Stronger Glute

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Glute Bridge/Floor Bridge/Hip Extension is a great movement to strengthen our your glute.


Begin in a supine position, straighten both arms next to your body and place your heel slightly in front of your fingers. We begin raising your hips up until your knees, hips and shoulders form a straight line and return down.


Imagine your both feet pressing firm against the ground and you raise your hips up. AND pretend you are squeezing a 50 cents coin in between your butt at top of the floor bridge. This will ensure maximum glute contraction and you’ll feel so much on your bum bum.


Generally, I start everyone with a resistance band because they are very helpful to activate your glute during floor bridge.


Regression is using your body weight without any band for lesser resistance.


progression is placing double bands (above knees and below knees) and/or adding weight for more resistance.


Exhale as you raise your hips, inhale back down.


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