Hi, I'm Alvin

I’m a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist in Kajang. Over the years of training, I have impacted over 100 lives iachieving their fitness goal. I provide exclusive 1-1 and group training specializing in Fat Loss and also Building Muscle. I have been Working together with private and exclusive-group clients with sustainable practices to connect fitness to maximize joy in all the activities they choose. I own studio in Kajang, ‘Alvin Netto Fitness’ so, if you are around do drop by!

I am a current Malaysian Book of Records holder for the Longest Backwards Run to support a cause for charity. My message is we are all archivers. We can achieve anything we want if we set our mind to it. and if you believe in what you can achieve, nothing is impossible. #BeAnAchiever

What I Do

  • Exclusive Private Personal Training
  • Exclusive Group Training
  • Online mentoring - Be An Achiever Online Coaching
  • Developing an online Fitness Educational Platform (Achieve Fitness Academy)
  • Influencing - Content on social media (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Setting Malaysia Book of Record and raise funds for charity
PT Hours

Clients’ Testimonials

  • Despite have been seeing 2 chiropractors for the last 1 year and a half for my lower back pain, 1 visit to Alvin’s really help me and my back, I even went for spartan with Alvin and now I have gain back my confidence. Secondly, I had a bad first impression towards gym life and fitness generally and that change after talking with Alvin. Alvin will ask you what’s your goal first and realistically how can you achieve that naturally. You have to know what you want and strive to achieve that with the correct way, that’s the most important thing which people didn’t seem to understand. Know yourself and know how to change correctly. Start your journey because only you know what exactly you want, and Alvin can help you how to achieve that !

    Abdul Mu'min
  • It has been a great two and a half years of fitness journey and I love every single bit of it. Alvin has been customizing my workouts and diet towards my fitness goals. My fitness knowledge and insights have enhanced so much after training with him. I would like to extend my appreciation to him for encouraging and inspiring me to start my own Facebook page on fitness and healthy cooking and also for inviting and encouraging me to join his Alvin Netto Fitness team to Spartan Sprint, Super and the upcoming Beast in Dec. In addition, Alvin is also very well verse in fitness and patiently answer my fitness questions. His page content and social media platforms has been very informative as well. I can see that he must have put very much effort and passion into all that fitness content. Alvin, thank you for being my dedicated coach all this while. I would strongly recommend you as a personal fitness coach for anyone who wants to lead a healthier and balanced lifestyle

    Cyndy Tan
  • Alvin is a great trainer! I have many issues like runner’s knee, stiff neck and lots of muscle knots. He train me to do muscle strengthening n proper stretching. Now I don’t have knee pain anymore! He even teach me how to do foam rolling on tight muscles n painful areas, now i feel better when I cycle and run.

    Bukhary Ikhwan Ismail
  • Have been training with Alvin for some time and really amazed by his passion and patient as an extraordinarily caring personal coach. Although he might not familiar with RA when I first met him, he got his way through to know more about RA to understand my situation better in order to maximise training effectiveness. As a RA patient, I am truly glad and thankful to have Alvin for the customised personal training program which now enable me to be medicine-free (according to my doctor, it is quite rare for RA patient to be medicine-free in such a short-period, as RA is consider a non-cure disease and medicine will most likely be our bff for the rest of our life). I am now a happy RA patient with strong joint and stronger mind! Highly-recommend anyone with RA to start strength training, and perhaps Alvin is the right personal coach you’ll need to assist you along the way.

    Angelrine Mok
  • Training with Alvin is awesome. He provides a totally different experience from self training. Alvin is a patient coach who guide me through many small details and correct my posture to maximize training efficiency. He is knowledgeable and passion as a personal trainer. Besides that, he is very attention to detail to ensure zero injuries during training.

    Brian Lim Ching Lik
  • Before this I was aimlessly going to the gym with no proper direction and aim. I was curious why I went to the gym but no results and thank God, I met Alvin. He showed me the right exercise, stretching and also nutrition guidance that brings me closer to my goals. Ever since training with him, I have saw positive changes in me and looking forward to see more as I progress in my fitness journey. He have set some realistic goals as well to achieve. Alvin is a great trainer because he is enthusiastic and passionate about fitness! He works beyond then gym time – because he is concerned about his clients well being and fitness progress.
    I too embark on a journey with Alvin on a transformation that took place for 4 weeks. At first I had high expectations on how things in going to be and how I can look shredded. But that is not the case. Transformation took place slowly as you adapt few small habits that may change your life. Drink a lot more water, walk more and etc and I’m very pleased, and honoured that Alvin showed me the way. At the end of the day, changes took place with the right habits, nutrition and right form/ technique in training.

    Daryl Albright
  • He was my online coach before this! He create 5 days routine for me to exercise and teach me to count my macros. Which is really new fr me! It was an amazing 12 weeks experience.He’s the only pt I find to be very helpful because he share the real facts and want to help his client problem during the journey and not just simply take client money and give stupid promises like lose 10kg in 1 month. And the most important part is he encourage you fr being healthy and enjoy every moment of your fitness journey by have a realistic goals! He’s also always posted healthy food on his IG and giving tips. For me that is really important because a coach need to be a role model to lead the client by example.

    Jazz Abdul
  • I was sceptical about going to the gym. I felt like its a burden and at the same time it was gonna be costly but I’ve forced myself to register at celebrity fitness Kajang and they asked me whether I am interested in getting a personal instructor. I was pretty unsure but the let me have 2 trials with the instructor and thank god i met Alvin. He was damn enthusiast that it made me feel bad each time I feel lazy to do any work out. He got this undying enthusiasm and motivations in a really happy way that made you feel like you want to overcome his expectations. And throughout the journey of going to the gym we became good friends instead of an instructor per se. Alvin knows your limit, when to push you. Needless to say, its about time that many people should know Alvin and learn from him.

    Wira Sorfan
  • This guy is a true inspiration who is totally passionate about fitness. Having been to gym on & off my entire working life in KL, I wish we had crossed path long time ago coz there’s so much I never knew (how muscles work/ techniques/ diets etc) till I began training under him. Currently Alvin is my online coach who designs workout programs for me & monitors my progress. Blessed with a warm personality, Alvin is very helpful, dedicated & hardworking. I consider him one of the best fitness coaches (with great knowledge & experience) around and would highly recommend him to anyone!!

    Albretch Teh
  • Thanks to Alvin, fitness has now become a priority. I engaged Alvin to be my PT in preparation for Mt. Kinabalu’s climb. The climb to the peak is unforgettably awesome and the success is contributed by his trainings in getting in the right exercises and stretches with the right methods.
    Alvin, a dedicated trainer who is passionate, knowledgable, patient and caring.

    Reuben Chen
  • Alvin was my coach in Celebrity Fitness. He was the best senior coach there and highly sought after. He is very approachable character and has a pleasant personality….always smiling. As a coach he always bring customized training for each client and always give useful dietary advice. Highly recommend him

    PeeJay Kumar
  • I took part in Alvin 6 week challenge and lost 2 inch on my waist. I’ve engaged many personal trainer before, and Alvin is unique not because he is my brother, but because he genuinely care about my progress. His techniques and methods focuses on long term sustainability rather than short term results. Well, just by watching his videos you can see how genuine he is in helping everyone fitness journey.

    Alfred Netto
  • I met Alvin sometime ago and lucky to have him as my personal trainer. He knew I have knee and back injuries so he always reminds me and teaches me the correct stretching. I feel comfortable with his training, cause he actually corrected my wrong movements in weight training.

    Chris Phang
  • I’ve been on online coaching programme with Alvin for 3 months. I would describe this journey as fruitful, informative and amazing! I’ve been struggling with yoyo diet for years, thanks Alvin and his online coaching programme, I now on my journey discovering fact about fitness, workout and nutrition. For the past 3 month I’ve been given customize home workout , info on how to keep my calories intake on track by meal prep and tracking them, science behind workout/ metabolism, exercise, fat burning and the list go on. Building strong foundation, create a sustainable diet, being consistent and have correct MINDSET is the things I’m working with Alvin for this time being. Amazingly, all these things that I’ve learnt during the online coaching programme, not just benefited me physically but mentally I’ve become stronger, learning not to give up and keep moving forward. I’m really very thankful for this .For those who are still struggling finding correct method or dont know where to start your fitness journey, I would definitely recommend Alvin as your coach/mentor.

    Noor Hidayah
  • When the tailored workout and nutrition plan arrived I was extremely impressed with the level of detail and support information it provided, as well as the fact Alvin answered any queries in the same friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable manner. Besides that, Alvin provided advice and parted with knowledge that will enable me to continue to push my boundaries.

    Maxine Joseph