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This lower body workout includes common movements targeting your glutes, hips, and thighs. The moves are perfect if you’re just getting back to strength training after a long break or you’re new to resistance training.


Compound Set A:

A1: Band Dumbbell Bridge x 20

A2: Band Bridge x 20

A3: Band Hip Abduction x 20


Compound Set B:

B1: DB Romanian Deadlift (RDL) x 15

B2: DB Squat x 15


Compound Set C:

C1: DB Reverse Lunge x 15

C2: Mountain Climber x 15 (each side)


  • Perform each A1-A3 back to back with no rest in between.
  • Only rest 30-60 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 rounds.
  • Proceed to B1-B2 with a similar fashion.

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