Resistance Band Side Kick & Back Kick Movement Tutorial

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Band Side Kick strengthen your glute medius whereas Band Back Kick targets mainly your glute maximus. 


Begin standing upright with both feet shoulder-width apart. Place your resistance band above your ankle. Side kick can be performed by kicking one leg to your side. Back kick is done by extending one leg to your back.


Imagine your stationary/standing leg pressing firm against the ground as you move your working leg. This ensures your hip are square and prevent your upper body from rocking.


Regression 1 is placing both hands on a chair for added stability and balance.

Regression 2 is using your body weight without any band for lesser resistance.


progression is using a higher tension band for more resistance. 


Exhale as you kick out, inhale return to starting position.


Band Side Kick and Back Kick are great warm-up drills to activate your glute for your training. I love using these bands prior to any heavy leg workout, including Squats or Deadlifts, as well as prior to any running.


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