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Besides setting up my own private personal training studio in Kajang, I’ve helped many clients set up their own home gym so they can train at home. This post is to guide you on building your own home gym with minimal cost.

I’ve done the homework of researching the best price, quality, service and review for you. Lazada is my preferred choice however feel free to look for similar items on other platforms.


Option 1: Adjustable Bench

  • Affordable (RM 189) and easy to set up
  • 7 adjustable workout levels (You can do flat, incline and decline)
  • Can support about 150kg

This is great if you are doing less than light-moderate dumbbell exercises. Most of my female client finds this bench sturdy for chest press, row and hip thrust.

Option 2: Flat Bench

  • Commercial grade so it’s can support 300kg
  • Affordable for a commercial-grade (RM250)
  • The downside is non-adjustable so it is a flat level only

One of my male clients got this as he does chest press with heavier weight and needs extra stability. I suggest this if you are lifting heavier thus need more stability.


Adjustable Dumbbell 25kg

  • Easy to switch weight
  • Cheaper compare to getting individual dumbbells
  • Save space

I strongly encourage adjustable dumbbells because you have all the weight in one. 2 pieces of adjustable dumbbell will cost about RM 820 whereas getting a pair of dumbbells from 2.5kg up to 25kg with a dumbbell rack is going to cost you about RM 4-5k.

Adjustable dumbbell allow you to easier change weight as you perform superset of different exercises or drop set for lighter weight.

Adjustable Dumbell 11kg

This adjustable dumbbell is up to 11kg which is great if you are just starting out. I get some of my female clients to start with 11kg as they can get a lot of their home workout done with these weights and we’ll focus on the heavier deadlift, squat, bench press during personal training in the gym.

Rubber Mats

  • Protect your floor
  • Keep you and your equipments stable and secure on the mats (Anti slippery)

This 4 pieces x 25mm Mats (RM90) is perfect for a home gym. Depending on your workout area, you might need to get 2 – 4 sets of them. See the image below.

Click here to get them

Resistance Band

Band Dumbbell Deadlift
Band Dumbbell Deadlift
  • Add resistance to your exercise
  • Super affordable (RM50 for 5 bands)

This is a MUST get training tool because it’s so helpful in activating your muscles and intensifying your workout. I get my clients to use a resistance band to perform band glute bridge or band squat with dumbbells. The band will make the weight feel like 50kg.

Note: I made my own bands because I wanted to customize the length and quality of latex used. The extra length and width allow more better grip and more tension when used.

Click here to get your own set of band

Long Pull Up Resistance Band

Band resisted Sprint
Band resisted Sprint
  • Add variety and resistance to your training
  • Super affordable (RM99 for 3 bands)

You can add variety to your home training with a long resistance band. Instead of using a dumbbell to row, you can do band resistance row. Long band also add resistance to exercise like band resisted dumbbell deadlift or banded dumbbell chest press.

Click here to get your own set of band

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