How To Do Mountain Climbers Properly

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Mountain climber is a great movement to strengthen your abdominals, glutes, legs, triceps, shoulders.


Begin in a plank position with feet hip-width apart and your fingers facing forward. Ensure your wrist, elbow and shoulder are aligned. Bring your knee toward your elbow. Repeat this movement with the opposite leg.

A regression is bringing your knee below your hip or abs for a shorter range of motion (shown in this video). Or you could rest your opposition knee down on the mats for extra contact point and better stability.


A progression is increasing your speed and do it faster to challenge your endurance. Or you could reduce your speed and do it slowly to emphasize more time under tension to target your core.


Exhale as you drive your knee forward, inhale back to plank position.


So Achiever, now you know how to do a mountain climber properly without worrying about placing too much tension on your wrist or having any lower back pain.



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