7 Hidden Calories Hari Raya Food And How to Burn Them

Festive is all about amazing food and family gatherings, especially Hari Raya brings a lot of special foods. The festive season is incomplete without the food and we are sure that you would never want to miss the sweet treats of Hari Raya. No one can stand a chance to miss eating the Hari Raya...
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Hi kawan2 semua. Bulan Ramadhan saya pasti bahawa kawan2 yg berpuasa nak tahu cara pemakanan yang sesuai ketika bulan yang mulia ini. Sila layan video ini bagi nasihat bagaimana untuk maintain diet yang seimbang pada bulan Ramadhan.Hi Achiever, here's how you can maintain healthy eating habits during Ramadan month. Please check out this video for advice on how to maintain a balanced diet during the month of Ramadhan.#RamadhanSeries:1.) MASA WORKOUT SEMASA RAMADHAN: https://bit.ly/3b0ctwf 2.) NUTRITION TIPS TURUNKAN BERAT BADAN: https://bit.ly/2SskjrN3.) WORKOUT UNTUK FAT LOSS: https://bit.ly/2YuniEg #PuasaMakanApa#Fitness#BeAnAchiever

Posted by Alvin Netto Fitness on Ahad, 3 Mei 2020

A Day Of Fasting With Alvin Netto

Hi Achievers, when fasting throughout the entire day, it’s important to ensure that your body is hydrated and energized so as to better cope with the deprivation. So, Alvin berpuasa for a day to be able to share with you what I makan and how I train. Watch the video to see my experience. Below are some points for...
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Hi kawan2 semua. Saya tahu ramai nak tahu apa workout yg efektif untuk #fatloss. Jom layan video ini bagi nasihat camne boleh workout pada bulan Ramadan ni. ??Hi Achiever, you should continue with your workout routine during Ramadan. Here are a few strategies to make your training more effective. Read more about it here: https://alvinnetto.com/training-guide-during-ramadan/ Other #RamadanSeries to watch:1.) MASA WORKOUT SEMASA RAMADHAN: https://goo.gl/Z7aFko2.) NUTRITION TIPS TURUNKAN BERAT BADAN: https://goo.gl/45o42p3.) WORKOUT UNTUK FAT LOSS: https://goo.gl/UrFTeK#RamadhanSeries #RamadanGains #HariRaya

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Training Guide During Ramadan

Training during Ramadan can be challenging. With fewer time options, energy, and motivation, you need to be smart about your training program and make the best out of it. I am going to share with you a few strategies to create your own effective fat loss program for Ramadan.   Focus on compound movements Compound...
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Ramadhan can be a great time to lose fat! Restricted meal timing make it easier for you to consume lesser calories and be in a #CalorieDeficit. Watch this video to find how what to eat during Iftar & Suhoor to help you to burn fat effectively in this holy month. Tag someone who is fasting and share this video. Check out other videos on #RamadhanSeries below: #1 BEST Time to Workout during Ramadhan - http://bit.ly/2H5MeJ8 #2 A Day of Fasting with Alvin - http://bit.ly/2VfqxyO #3: Fat Loss Nutrition - http://bit.ly/2WzxYgI#4: Fat Loss Training - http://bit.ly/2LqTEuJ #5: Nutrition for Lean Muscle Gain- http://bit.ly/2Vkgp7W#6: Training for Lean Muscle Gain - http://bit.ly/2vBAHdZ #7: Habits - http://bit.ly/2vLbE85 If you find this helpful, tolong LIKE & SHARE dengan kawan-kawan.#PreparingForRaya #FatLoss #AlvinNettoFitness

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How To Lose Weight During Ramadan

The one thing you must do to lose weight is to make sure you are eating in a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit means you eat less than what your body burns. With proper nutrition and training, your body will convert fat for energy and that’s how you’ll lose fat.   Eat MORE nutrient-dense food...
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Hi semua, Ramadhan dah dekat and mesti rakan rakan #Muslim dah excited nak #berpuasa! Tapi, mesti ada yang nak workout masa Ramadhan, tapi bila kah masa yang sesuai?..Hi everyone, #Ramadhan is fast approaching and my Muslim friends must be excited to go through the #fasting month! But, there must be people that want to workout during the fasting month. When is the best time?When is your preferred time to train during Ramadhan?..#RamadanSeries #RamadanGains #HariRaya

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The Best Time To Train During Ramadan

Hi Achievers, Ramadan is fast approaching and my Muslim friends must be excited to go through the fasting month! There’s a number of things you need to adjust in order to continue training while fasting. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop training. After Iftar, around 7.30 pm It’s very important to drink water throughout your workout...
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