7 Hidden Calories Hari Raya Food And How to Burn Them

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Festive is all about amazing food and family gatherings, especially Hari Raya brings a lot of special foods. The festive season is incomplete without the food and we are sure that you would never want to miss the sweet treats of Hari Raya. No one can stand a chance to miss eating the Hari Raya treats, but not all of the ingredients used in them are healthy. Some of these foods can result in weight gain and can be unhealthy.

All of us know that you cannot even take your eyes off the tempting food at Hari Raya, there is no way any of us can give on yummy food that is only available at a specific event. Here I am going to list down the 7 Hari Raya foods along with their calories and we will be guiding you that how you can burn the calories in order to avoid gaining weight.

First of all, you should know that making alteration into the ingredients and that would make your recipe healthy. The pro tip is moderation, eating in a balanced manner is the first step to avoid the calories but still if you feel like eating the yummy treats then you should know how much is your calorie intake and how you are going to burn it.

1. Pineapple tart

Tarts are hard to resist, especially the Kuih Tart because how can someone not eat the buttery crust tart that is topped with sweet and fresh pineapple. Definitely, everyone is going to eat it and enjoy the taste, but let us mention that the calories intake is as follows:

Calories: One piece of pineapple tart has around 82 kcal.

Exercise: In order to burn these calories you need to do cycling for at least 10 minutes without taking a break.

In terms of walking, you should at least walk for 23- 25 minutes in order to burn these calories.

In case you want to avoid the calories to some extent you can use soy or rice milk instead of sweetened condensed milk in it.


2. Lemang

It is the most favorite food in the festive of Hari Raya and most of the people love it and find Hari Raya incomplete without it. There is no doubt that it is one of those foods that look really healthy and light to eyes, but these iconic glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and bamboo are full of calories. There are many things that look healthy to eyes and you cannot stop eating them, but you should know that lemang is full of calories and you might have a tough time burning them down.

Total Calories: 300 kcal in a plate which consists of three pieces of lemang which also means that one piece of lemang has 100 calories each and if you finish a plate you are consuming 300 calories at a time.

Exercise: To burn 300 calories, you can either run on a treadmill for 30 minutes or do an hour of Vinyasa yoga

3. Rendang

All the Malaysians out there agree to the fact that Hari Raya is literally incomplete without lemang and Rendang because people love these two dishes a lot. Traditionally made and full of taste Rendang is made by small pieces of chicken or beef. That curry and pieces of chicken or beef are highly irresistible. Once you look at the dish, there is a high chance that you are going to finish a serving of it.

Total Calories: A chicken rendang has 100 calories whereas in beef rendang is about 130 calories. The serving is around 50 gm or two small pieces of beef or chicken.

Exercise: You need to cycle for 10 minutes or brisk walk at a moderate pace for 30 minutes to burn off one serving of rendang. 


4. Wajik

It is also known as the pulut Manis, it is also for the sweet tooth and is made by using palm sugar along with lots of coconut milk and glutinous rice. They are made and assorted in many flavors and this is actually one of my favorite sweet treats from Hari Raya. 

Total Calories: One serving is close to 63 calories.

Exercise: In order to burn off these calories, you can briskly walk for 20 minutes or light full body stretching and foam rolling for 20 minutes


5. Ketupat

One of the most flavored food at Hari Raya is ketupat, there are various types of ketupat but there are some of the famous types of it that are made for Hari Raya such as ketupat nasi and ketupat palas. In one serving there are eight small cubes of ketupat nasi.

Total Calories: There are 130 calories in a serving of Ketupat palas while 80 calories in a serving of ketupat nasi.

Exercise: In order to burn the calories you need to swim for 10-15 minutes if you eat ketupat nasi, 17-24 minutes swimming if you eat ketupat palas.


6. Lontong

If you are not making Lontong at your home then you are missing it a big-time because you need to have it on Hari Raya. It is creamy goodness paired with kuach kacang or it is sambal with some veggies on top of it and nasi impit. A lot of happiness in one bowl.

Total Calories: 260 Calories in a bowl.

Exercise: Join a dance class for 40 minutes or playing tennis for 45 minutes will burn the calories of a bowl of Lontong. 


7. Kuah Kacang – eat with lemang or ketupat

It is the traditional peanut sauce, known as the complimentary dishes. You can have it with main dishes such as lemang, ketupat or satay.

Total calories: 130 calories in one scoop (50 grams)

Exercise: You can hike for 22 minutes, walking upstairs for 15 minutes at a moderate pace or jump rope for 12 minutes



The goal is to eat everything in moderation and focus more on the people than the food. Sending you my warm wishes full of love, peace and prosperity on Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Salam Aidilfitri!


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