Spine Mobility Flow – 6 Exercises To Reduce Lower Back Pain

Do you often have lower back pain? Are you struggling to stand upright or bend to the side? Did you hurt or trigger your lower back from lifting weight? Do you sit for long hours throughout the day?  If you answer YES to any of the above, this routine would benefit you by improving your...
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At-Home Upper Body Strength Workout

This 30 minutes upper body workout includes common movements targeting your chest, shoulder, and biceps and triceps. These movements are perfect if you’re just getting back to strength training after a long break or you’re new to resistance training. Compound Set A: A1: Back Row x 15A2: Reverse Flyer x 20Compound Set B:B1: Floor Chest Press x 15B2: Floor...
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Bodyweight Back Movement For Better Posture

Rounded shoulder or the hunched posture is very common because we spend a lot of time hunching our shoulders over a computer or our phones. Poor posture alignment can lead to problems like chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain.   This movement is called T-Press. It will strengthen your muscles in your back, leading to better posture and less...
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