Spine Mobility Flow – 6 Exercises To Reduce Lower Back Pain

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Do you often have lower back pain?

Are you struggling to stand upright or bend to the side?

Did you hurt or trigger your lower back from lifting weight?

Do you sit for long hours throughout the day? 

If you answer YES to any of the above, this routine would benefit you by improving your spine mobility and flexibility AND prevent any injury

I would say at least 80% of my personal training Achiever reduce their lower back stiffness and develop better mobility in their spine with these movements. This helps them to progress faster with other movements and lift heavier weight safely. 

Purpose of doing this routine: 

  1. Warm up before your weight training
  2. As a movement flow to mobilize your spine and eliminate lower back pain. 

Warm Up:

Spine Flexion to Extension – 10 repetitions (reps)

Alternate Knee to Chest – 10 reps (each side)

Side Lying Leg Lift x 15 reps (each side)

Lower Back Rotational Stretch x 10 reps (each side)

Half Kneeling Thoracic Rotation x 10 reps (each side)

Side Lying Windmill x 10 reps (each side)

  • Perform each movement back to back with NO Rest
  • 1 Round only BEFORE your training
  • 2 Rounds as a movement flow to improve spine mobility and/or part of your rehab training.

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