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“Oh no! Don’t eat rice it will make you fat”, “fried chicken is oily and unhealthy” and “have some salad it will help you lose weight” are just some common food misconceptions we hear daily. This happens as many classify food as “good” and “bad”, though there are no moral values associated with food. Food is just food. The moment you feel bad for eating just a scoop of ice or your favourite meal, you are on the path of having an unhealthy relationship with food. It is the utilization of anything that makes it fortunate or unfortunate.

Is it accurate to claim that eating a plate of mixed greens will make you healthier? The correct answer is a resounding no as having a single bite of hot wings or a slice of pizza is not going to make you fat. It is the unhealthy eating habits that matter, not the food itself. The accumulation of poor eating habits makes you gain weight.

All that matters is the balance and careful choice of the food you consume. Here are some simple tips to help you have a more balanced diet with food:

1. Eat what Your Heart Desires
It is not necessary for you to give up eating your favourite food to improve your lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight. You are not supposed to starve for long hours, even at the sight of your favorite food for which you are badly craving for. If you want to eat something, you should eat it.

2. Keep It Simple
Do not include a lot of junk food in your diet. Make a balanced diet plan that includes all of the nutritious foods. You can also include your favourite junk food in the plan, but have a limit on it.

3. Keep It Healthy

Anyone who is interested in improving their body’s fitness should develop a good eating habit. Fruits, green vegetables, fresh juices, and cereals must be included in your diet.

4. Go for Quality

Choose high-quality foods that will supply you with essential nutrients such as vitamins, protein, etc. It is critical to consume an appropriate amount of essential nutrients in order to maintain a healthy body and mind.

5. Nutrition Count
Choose a dietary habit that keeps your nutrition count balanced and at the required level for your body. Any beneficial nutrient that is eaten in excess is harmful to the body. Hence, maintaining a balance and nutrient count is a must.

6. Focused on One Ingredient Formula

Consuming 80% single ingredient foods, such as apple, mango, egg, meat, and so on, is a healthy habit for sustaining fitness. An apple is made up of only one ingredient: an apple. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are abundant in single-ingredient food. As a result, each of these nourishments contains minerals, proteins, nutrients, cell reinforcements, strands, and compounds that are essential for your body’s wellness.

Foods with multiple ingredients should not account for more than 20% of your daily diet. Multiple ingredient foods are processed meals that contain more than one ingredient, such as ice cream, burgers, biscuits, and curries. These foods are high in calories and have a low nutritional value. Weight gain occurs when multiple ingredient foods are consumed often in large amounts.

We cannot cut off junk food since we need it for a balanced diet. However, an excess of something is detrimental to one’s well-being. Thus, you should understand how to make adjustments throughout your life including eating a balanced diet that consists of 80% single ingredient food and 20% multiple ingredient food. You can develop a positive relationship with food and appreciate a healthy eating plan by following this rule of thumb.

Get Professional Guidance if you are concerned about your fitness, you may enroll in online fitness and diet classes. They will aid you in developing healthy eating habits. You can also enroll into Achieve Fitness Academy and take up the Achieve Habits course. The course will show you how to maintain your diet without losing your relationship with food. This course is offered under the oversight of fitness coaches with a money-back promise. They trust in the fulfillment of their client and attempt to assist them with accomplishing their objective. So, take a step for a healthy journey!

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