Why do you exercise?

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ASK yourself that question and REFLECT for a minute…

If you are exercising to burn off calories from last night’s dinner or the Chocolate Ice Cream that you ate a moment ago, the exercise is ONLY GOOD if you want to maintain your current physique…

However, most of us have much bigger goal, right? Lose 5kg of Fats, pack on some lean muscles, being fit enough to do Push Up or Pull Ups…

Let’s say you OVER-ATE 1,000 kcal over the weekend, you would probably workout and do extra cardio over the week to burn that off. Now you are back at square one after you burned that 1,000 kcal. And the weekend come again and there’s another buffet, dessert, luncheon and so on. The pattern repeats every week and you find yourself looking the same as before…

So how?

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. NOT a punishment for what you ate”

Reassess your purpose. Change your mindset of why are you exercising. We all have the ability to change our mindsets. Develop a mindset of a CHAMPION that is constantly striving to be better at what they do.

Instead of thinking about burning 1,000 kcal in your workouts this week. Your mind would be focusing on what can you do better this week:

– Planking extra 10 seconds

– Do extra reps on Squat and Bench Press

– Run 5k in a shorter time

– Able to hold longer in your Yoga poses

With that mindset over the course of 1 month, you would probably achieve your fitness goal.

Change your Purpose

Change your Mindset

Change your Body

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