Alvin Netto

Bird Dog is one of my all-time favourite movement to strengthen our core.


Begin in a quadruple position, your shoulders are directly over your wrists, and your hips are directly over your knees. We begin by lifting your left arm and right leg off the mats, then slowly return back and repeat the same to your right arm and left leg.


Pretend someone trying to punch your abs and you brace yourself with your core (That’s how you engage your core). Perform each repetition in a slow and control manner to get the best out of this movement!


Regression is a lifting 1 arm and leg ONLY at a time  for extra contact points and better stability.


progression is lifting both of your knees off the ground into a bear hold position. You reduce contact points and challenge your stability and core strength.


Exhale as you raise your arm and leg, inhale back down.


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