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Often times I hear the excuse from my Achievers that they have no time to get out of the house to get a workout session in. My solution? Workout in the comfort of your very own home!

All you need are these few affordable workout equipment to get you started, and you can find it all on Lazada.

Resistance Band | RM 49.90

Resistance Bands is a must have in your home as you can do a variety of exercises with it. At Achieve Fitness, we have our very own exclusive Resistance Band that are are 10mm WIDER than any other bands and it is made up of natural rubber from Malaysia. The wider bands prevent pinching on the skin and rolling up from the band while doing exercises.

Bands like these provide more comfort and different level of tension. There are 5 levels of bands and it all comes together with Achieve Fitness Pouch, 5 bands and exclusive access to the Achieve Band Workout Program.

You can get it today on Lazada here.

Long Resistance Band | RM 99.90

Struggling with pull ups? Well we have the solution for you! Our exclusive long resistance band are built to help you build your grip, improve stability and perfect your form. It is also THICKER than any other bands out there, and is made out of natural rubber.

There have 3 levels of bands, Blue (15-35lbs), Orange (25-65lbs) and Black (35-85lbs), and it all comes together with Achieve Fitness Pouch, 3 bands and exclusive access to our Achieve Band Workout Program. You can get yours on Lazada here.

Stability Ball | RM 41.22

The stability ball is an excellent piece of equipment for a range of exercises, like pushups, planks, presses, and many more. Workouts with the ball is able to improve your core by requiring you to maintain your balance. You can also sit on the ball while doing your work to keep your posture up right!

You can get the 65cm stability ball on Lazada here. It also comes with a free air pump.

TRX Suspension Trainer | RM 39.95 – RM 85.95

Level up your home workouts with the TRX suspension trainer that is built to use your own body weight as a resistance. Every TRX movement involves the combination of core, mobility, stability, strength, balance, and coordination making it a perfect fit into your workout routine. The TRX is also easy to install, as you just need to anchor the suspension strap to a firm structure like a door or iron fence.

The TRX is available on Lazada here from as low as RM 39.95.

Adjustable Dumbbells (20kg /30kg) | RM 73.99 – RM 79.99

There are numerous workouts that can be done with a pair of dumbbells, or even just one. If you’re having trouble carrying weights, these adjustable dumbbells are worth the investment! Start with a lighter weight and gradually work your way up to higher weights. These adjustable dumbbells are available in 20kg and 30kg on Lazada here.

Yoga Mat | RM 48.97

A workout staple, yoga mats provide a cushioned surface for bodyweight exercises, stretching and other types of ground-based activities. You can get it on Lazada here.

Skipping Rope | RM 26.90

A skipping rope is a useful and simple piece of equipment for both cardio and agility training. It is one of the easiest way to get your heart pumping and your cardio in for the day.

These 3m skipping rope comes with adjustable handles, ensuring that the skipping rope fits just right for you! The skipping rope in on Lazada here.

Foam Roller | RM 15.28

The foam roller is an effective tool to use before and after your workout sessions to loosen up those tight muscles. It can help reduce muscle tension, stiffness, and inflammation, as well as improve joint mobility. This beneficial workout equipment is on Lazada here for less than RM 20!

You can also checkout my foam rolling playlist on YouTube here!

With easily accessible equipment, there are no reasons now for you to miss your workouts.

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