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As individuals we all have a different physique composition make up. From a training perspective we all have body parts that respond faster to stimulus than others. When it comes to a physique perspective, we all have places we tend to store fat and lose fat from first and last.

Naturally men will store fat on their abdomen/lower back, whereas women will tend to hold a larger proportion of fat around their lower limbs and hips. This isn’t always the case, but it holds true in the large majority.

When it comes to dieting and losing fat, you are going to notice this quite quickly. The place of storage is large due to a genetic predisposition and unfortunately we can’t spot reduce. So if you are going through an intended fat loss phase, and there are areas of your physique that you still have fat on that you want to reduced or removed, you just need to diet for longer, that is all.

No specific movement will reduce the targeted fat and no particular cardio will reduce that specific place of fat. The key to reducing the any fat is by being in a calorie deficit. If you have more to lose , then you have to extend your time in a deficit. It is that simple!!

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