Alvin Netto

It’s Time To (Deep) Sleep!

We often hear that sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night is essential for an average adult. But did you know the quality of your sleep matters as well? What is Deep Sleep? There are four stages in the sleep cycle, and the third stage is the MOST important. This third stage is called NREM […]

Should You Drink Protein Shakes?

Guys think that consuming protein shakes will help them be big and muscular, while ladies believe that protein shakes can help them build a lot of muscles and be bulky. I can assure you that this will NOT happen when you have a protein shake. What are protein shakes? Protein shakes are a dietary supplement […]

Mediterranean Diet: Yay or Nay?

The Mediterranean diet, which has been awarded the Best Diet for five years in a row by U.S. News & World Report, and is all the rage on TikTok is very popular in western countries. This diet is both tasty and nutritious, thanks to its abundance of delectable components such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, […]

Improve Your Mental Health with Fitness Today

Mental health issues such as depression and anxiety has been on the rise, especially since the pandemic began in 2020. More lives are being lost to suicide, and there is a lack of psychologists to even help those in need. Thankfully, fitness plays an essential role in mental health, and today we shall dive into […]

Lose Fats by Eating Carbs?!

When it comes to losing fat, the first thing that we’re going to reduce in our diet is carbohydrates (aka carbs). My question is cutting carbs really necessary? A low carbs diet limits your carbs intake. Carbs are foods like rice, pasta, bread, fruits, and starchy vegetables. These are common carbs that is consumed daily […]

2 Fat Burning Myths You Need To Remember

“How do I burn fat in a specific area?”, is a question we get often in the fitness industry. If you’re on a fat loss journey, in the beginning it’s always easier and faster to see changes in your body. That is the fun part, to physically see changes in your body fast. Unfortunately, after […]

3 Ways to Measure Progress Without the Scale

Working out hard but the number is not reflecting on the scale? We tend to rely on our weighing scales to determine our progress. However, the scale may not always reflect the numbers we are hoping for.  But why do we need something to show our progress? Well it is one of the main motivating […]

Achiever’s Night 2021 ?

Finally, the long-awaited Achiever’s Night arrived, and it was a memorable evening. We had a meal at Dave’s Bistro in 1 Utama on a night filled with laughter and joy. The objective of Achiever’s Night is to celebrate each and every Achiever’s tiny triumphs, to remind them that they are strong and capable of doing […]

5 Ways You Can Burn Calories Without Exercising

Would you believe me if I told you that you can burn calories without exercising?  Yes, there are many simple daily activities that you can do to help you burn calories easily without doing any strenuous exercise. Don’t get me wrong exercising is still important, but without you realizing there are many day-to-day activities that […]

3 Reasons Why Detox Diets are BS

The detoxification phenomenon, often known as detox, has become an uprising trend over the past few years. The restrictive diet usually comprises fruit, vegetables, fresh juices and water, or specific products such as detox diet drinks, supplements, herbs and tea that promises to eliminate toxins in your body and thus improves health and facilitates weight […]