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Ramadan is the holy month of Mercy and forgiveness for all humanity.  Muslims around the world feel passionate about special prayers and fasting.  With the advent of this month, every Muslim feels pleasure in discussing the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting.  It gives Muslims a chance for the detoxification of body and mind.  Ramadan is a significant month for every Muslim family; besides its spiritual aspects, it helps us to train our body for Healthy lifestyle changes. Most of the people start focusing on eating more rather than looking at the nutritional value of the food ingredients. It is hard to resist fatty food after a full day fasting, which can result in gaining extra fats for the body. For reaping the best health benefits during the month of fasting, we will suggest some nutritious foods here, which will keep you full for the longer.


Ramadan dates
Ramadan dates


It is a traditional way to break the fast with date in most of the Muslim families.  Eating dates for breaking fast was the habit of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Muslims are following that tradition for many years to follow the Sunnah of their beloved Prophet.  The date is indeed a very delicate food to take after a full day fasting.  After long hours of fasting, your stomach is not ready to accept the burden of fatty food, better to keep it lighter with one or two dates. It’s easy to digest food, and your stomach doesn’t need to work hard to observe this.  The pure compound of sugar and Fructose provides instant energy booster after a full day fasting.  Better to take a break after eating dates, take the rest of the food after offering prayer. It will let your stomach work better to digest.  The date is rich with calcium and potassium that helps your body to regain strength while resisting the collection of extra fat into the body.




Having soups during Ramadan


Ramadan provides an opportunity to stop the negative habits affecting your health and switch to healthy diet plans.  The purpose of fasting is to relieve and strengthen the digestive system of the body. To maintain healthy body weight and fat loss during Ramadan, it is mandatory to avoid all the lavish feasts with a variety of dishes, resist temptations, and eat simple food.

During fasting, you would not be able to take water, and it’s essential to fill this gap with nutritionist healthy soups.  Make it the part of your Daily Meal, avoid fatty and creamy soup.  The best way to prevent dehydration during the month of Ramadan is to take so made of lentils, barley, chicken, and vegetables.  A combination of chicken and vegetables can fulfill the deficiency of vitamins and minerals of a full day meal.  It is not possible to drink plenty of water during a few hours of  Aftaar To Sahur,  so better to make healthy soups to overcome water deficiency.  So it will help your stomach through the digestion process, and you will get the natural appetite.  It will be helpful for you to take a proper meal for the next few hours. You can make a variety of delicious soups as healthy food choices with fresh vegetables and chicken.

Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese Chicken
Hainanese Chicken for Ramadan


A 100 grams piece of chicken cooked well according to health standards will be able to provide 14.73 grams of protein to the body. If you prefer chicken breast like me, 100 grams of it equal to 31g grams of protein. Chicken can fulfill the daily protein requirement of the body. Vitamin A, D, and amino acids prove helpful for muscle activity and tackling weakness during fast. If you make it a part of your diet during Sahur, your body will reserve energy for the next day’s fasting. Chicken is helpful for fat loss if taken in the boiled form (lesser unwanted calories) with meals.

Remember that boiled, grilled, or baked chicken would be a suitable choice during Ramadan, not only as a protein source but to maintain cholesterol levels. Avoid fried chicken as it will only add a few more pounds to your body mass. Hainanese chicken is a popular Malaysian way to serve the silky chicken with rice cooked in broth. It would be great to add the ultimate chicken flavor to your dinner table during Ramadan.


Nasi Ulam

When talking about Sahur meal, the food needs to fill the nutritional requirement of the body. Food should have healthy elements to repair damaged body cells during the long hours of fasting. A full day fasting allows your digestion system to take a break from the whole years eating cycle to get better to work.

Nasi Ulam is the traditional Malaysian food, loved by the native people. You can eat it with a variety of accessories according to the choice. It is made with various herbs, spices, gotu kola, or basil leaves, while the central portion is boiled rice, along with some of these accompaniments. You have the choice to adjust the ingredients according to the fat requirement of the body. If you want to reduce carbs, cut short the quantity of rice in your meal. Nasi Ulam provides a healthy Sahur for fasting individuals. The presence of herbs and good proteins helps to maintain the energy levels throughout the day during fast.

Ikan Bakar

Ikan Bakar
Ikan Bakar

It brings great blessings along with this; it presents a chance for the human body to rejuvenate by getting rid of toxins. Make sure to give your body the opportunity of purification but avoiding all those fancy dishes tempting the eyes. Try to pick healthy and energetic meals to retain the loss of energy during the process.  Not to go for that fried, sizzling, crusty food instead choose to get energy for longer. The fish can be an addition to your healthy food table.

This is my favorite food to buy from Ramadan bazaar. Ikan Bakar is the famous seafood in Malaysia, which means the “Burned fish,” this delicious fish is grilled with traditional seasonings to stimulate your taste buds. A low flame grilling helps to retain the nutritional value of the white meat. This food helps to fat loss process in the body due to overeating.  Seafood can be the best source to get good fats after fasting. Ikan Bakar is served with fresh vegetables to add more color and vitality to your meal. You can try other easy recipes of grilled fish to enjoy healthy food during the holy month.


These suggestions would help you to make healthy food choices during Ramadan. It is preferable to focus on one main dish on the table that will help to reduce overeating. Selected food should be a balanced source of carbohydrates and proteins to fill the energy gaps.


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