3 Reasons Why Detox Diets are BS

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The detoxification phenomenon, often known as detox, has become an uprising trend over the past few years. The restrictive diet usually comprises fruit, vegetables, fresh juices and water, or specific products such as detox diet drinks, supplements, herbs and tea that promises to eliminate toxins in your body and thus improves health and facilitates weight loss. 

Though many have claimed that the detox diet has helped them, to what extent has the detox diet really helped them? 

Several nutritionists claim that the detox diet appears to assist in decreasing the body weight and reducing bloat material from the organs. However, excessive consumption of water, fruit and juices that stimulates the liver and kidney function, and the dietary content that is included within, offers the stomach a feeling of satisfaction. This causes a person who is on the detox diet to lose body weight since the practitioner eats less and fast intervals. 

Thus, this proves that detox only contributes to the elimination of toxins and weight reduction for a short time. After you stop using the detox diet, you gain the weight back. Moreover, the long-term use of detoxifiers leads to severe health problems due to mineral, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies in the body.

Hence, why I believe that the detox diet is simply bullshit and I have three reasons to back me up. 

  1. Calorie deficit 

Once you begin your detox diet, you not only begin using the detox diet and liquids but you also change your eating habits. You begin to consume fewer calories and begin to eat with large gaps in between. This results in lesser calorie consumption and prevents additional fat buildup in the body. You also start cutting short on the consumption of junk food that is the major contributing factor towards toxin accumulation in the body and weight gain. Also,  the body weight loss when a person uses a detox diet comes from weight loss due to water and not from the burning of fats. Hence, the immediate weight gain once a person quits the detox diet. The benefits of the detox diet are therefore short-term.

  1. Malnutrition 

The detox diet encourages food-fear and forces people to think critically before they eat anything. This leads to a lower consumption of calories, that is the overall focal point of the detox diet. Thus, eliminating the factor of consuming a healthy diet for being fit metabolically and emotionally. Detox diets lack the nutrients required to sustain the body’s healthy function, such as vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids (good fats). This leads to emotional mood swings and physical starvation, which then leads to abnormalities and life-threatening diseases.

  1. Self detoxification 

The body has already been naturally detoxified by certain organs, such as liver and kidneys, to eliminate dangerous toxins from the body. So, whether you’re eating junk or salad doesn’t matter. If your food contains anything that is damaging to the body, your organs are designed to cleanse the body. You do not need artificial detoxes to serve this purpose. When you use artificial detoxifiers, you render the body of its normal functioning that affects the organs’ efficiency. Eventually, the organs don’t execute their function optimally after you stop employing detoxes. When it comes to detox diet vs liver, the liver must be the ultimate choice.

Consume more fruits, fresh juices, green vegetables, but remember you can also have the flexibility of enjoying your favorite high-calorie food sometimes.    

Instead of a detox diet, adapt to a healthy eating pattern instead with an optimal lifestyle for a lasting positive impact on your health. Yes, you should consume more fruits, fresh juices, green vegetables, but remember you can also have the flexibility of enjoying your favorite high-calorie food sometimes.   

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